La Cavelleria De Medeival

A special tale to one gorgeous lady, taking scene in the mids of the medieval era when knights in shining armor had their glorious days, trying to save the nation with a little bit of twist, the magical graceful rose. Enjoy !

A story that has spread across the nation
A beautiful lady that has ruled the nation for many years..
Shielded by the grace of a Rose, symbolizes the life and wealth.
A rose that has been sacred with power and strength, A rose that kept the nation alive..

Not long after…
The whisper amongst the crowd had reached the ear of a black horde
The land that once filled with rose had turned into blood
The sun had no longer shine, the moon lost it spark
The black horde has set to destroy every little things wishing to posses the Rose

But then she built an understructable Cavallier
To keep the rose safe and sound
To fight the black horde
And now it is time to welcome
The One and Only..

A Special thank you goes to the loving family of Michiko Wijaya..

To Mr. Johan Wijaya and the always funny Mrs. Lina Jundawati for trusting Hocus Pocus years after years, with the help of Mrs. Praba, we managed to pull Michiko’s very own sweet seventeenth dream. We will surely miss all the fun meeting and giggles!

Good luck for your study, we wish you all the happiness and love in years to come!


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