Gideon & Jevicca
Gideon & Jevicca


“Into the night clouds, her heart beats like the blinking stars. In the midnight sky of his universe. Her radiating warmth lights up the whole universe ”


We imagined a wedding filled with blinking lights stared at the blank night skies. As one by one they lit up the whole area just as a fireflies had shielded the whole place filling the open air. That was exactly the idea that came up in our head.

Their wedding took place in Kusuma Agrowisata Batu, Malang. An outdoor space that can incorporate the vision we had of their wedding day. It all comes back to nature, something that is sophisticated yet still projects the warmth and romance. We were so excited to bring the outdoors in with thousand of ideas jumped here and there between our brains.

We wanted to create a mood board full of ideas for creating a thousand of beautiful blinking stars inspired day. Finally we came up with the fireflies themed wedding, with a mixture of their favorite color, purple. Well, who doesn’t love purple ?

When guests arrived, they were greeted with a map of the property that had the events marked out — a taste of the day to come. The weather was very friendly, we had an amazing outdoor party with no muss no fuss. Everything went perfectly. Each family member and relatives enjoyed the evening dinner under the trillion blinking fireflies that we secretly created using the illusions of engineered lighting.

As for the highlight of the day, to symbolize good luck and prosperity, many sky lanterns were launched. Not only for the bride and groom, but also all families and relatives. It was truly a magical outdoor party we could ever imagined.


Wedding Dress by TINARA Bridal

Make Up & Hairdo by Donny Liem

Decoration by Kharisma Decor

Image Courtesy of PPF

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