Freddy & Renny
Freddy & Renny


“Cause all of me, loves all of you.. Love your curves and all your edges.. All your perfect imperfections..”


Probably it’s the most memorable part of their weding day.

How Freddy been thinking so hard about the wedding song until he came up with this decision.

Having to organize their wedding day, means that we get to meet a lot of people that is close to them. Getting to know how these couple is from other people perspective.

We got to say, they’re the most heart-warming couple we can ever find, not only us, but people can see how they two were really drawn to each other. Just like the wedding song that is perfect to describe them. It all make sense to us why Freddy chose one of John Legend’s best record to be the highlight of their day.

Upon our first meet, Renny had described how she wanted her dream wedding. Nothing too overly done, yet still feels classic. She fell in love with peach color that runs more into a coral tone, the color that best blends between modern and classic vibe.

Being a lighter shade to coral, peach has its softer touch and suits well for the feminine and graceful bride just like the way Renny is. One thing that is also unique and personalized, was her wedding dress that is simply jaw dropping. Forget the sparkling beads, forget the majority off-white color, let’s just bring it up to the next step with a shade of blush combined with classic and elegant white beads.

As for their holy matrimony, we hear a lot of compliments of how beautiful and dreamy it was.  Well, we can go on forever describing their wedding day, let’s just the picture speaks for themselves.

Enjoy their moments !


Wedding Dress by Fifi Firianty

Make Up & Hairdo by Anpasuha

Decoration by SION Decor

Image Courtesy of MYEL Studio

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