Edward & Riani
Symphony of Love


“Oh you, my lovely mr surprise, I’m glad I found you. The spaces between my fingers are where yours fit perfectly.”


We can still remember how surprised we were when they first stated that they want to do their wedding dance song themselves. We thought, WOW this is one of a kind. They care so much about the music, the vibe, which was going to be directed by the music they chose. Every single song has been re-arranged perfectly into one personalized melody.

But the most fun part about it all was their wedding song. Here’s the full lyric of their wedding song (Well we thought our most favorite part had to be written down here !)

 You and I, It all started with a simple hi.
Never in my mind that I dream of.
Oh, now you’ll become the answer I’m looking for
you’re the one who fills my empty songs and complete our own symphony melodies.

We learned that no matter how far two souls are, if they were meant to be with each other. They will find a way. Just like these two lovebirds, we have learned how these two lovebird first meet until the fell in love. It was like everything had planned out perfectly, well that’s the beauty of the mystery right.

The evening was filled with laughter and joy, love was definitely in the air as the guests poured their heart by singing a special songs for the happiest couple that day and Christopher Abimanyu and his magical voice to put the cherry on top.


Wedding Dress by NW

Make Up & Hairdo by Angela

Decoration by PF Decor

Image Courtesy of ZOOM


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