David & Irena
The Swan Memoirs

“At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet.” – Plato.

Inspiration can be found in many forms. This time it comes form the graceful swan. It may look as calm as the night ocean but deep down they tell a million stories, they way they swim against the depth of the current. Just how they described to us how they fell in love with the grace of a beautiful swan right away. Not just for their graceful poise but also the story that lies within.

Incorporated a lot of elements to create a full swan lake themed wedding, we use lots of frills, flowers and downy fluff, the wedding’s idyllic settings and delicate details will appeal to their swan lake fairytale passion. As well as Irena’s wedding dress, Tex especially used fabrics, feathers and texture, the couture wedding gown is beauty and grace in motion.

Wedding Dress by Tex Saverio

Make Up & Hairdo by Michelle Quan

Decoration by PF Decor

Image Courtesy of ZOOM

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