Danny & Nancy
The Autumn Rockestra


“Before I met you, I was neither lost or found. I simply did not exist. But now that you are here, you are the melody to my song. You are the lyric to my anthem. “


This is not the ordinary groom you’ve ever met. The one who cares so much about the music arrangement. What instruments to play. How are they gonna sounds like.

Well.. It all started when we worked together with Danny these past few years. What’s not to love about his work ? He’s a DJ !

Not the common DJ you’ll find.. He put tremendous details to every melody he play.

Until preparing the big day, we know for sure, what’s the main idea for their wedding concept.

Of course a wedding filled with beautiful songs and stuff. But it didn’t stop to that.. He put every personal touch to every songs on the wedding.

The one this that is so important that day, is the wedding dance song. When he decided he wanted to be a part of the music, that’s the moment we knew it was gonna be awesome ! And it was !

It was not the ordinary orchestra, it was more upbeat, hype and lively. A rockestra.

Filled with beautiful vibe of orange (because when you know them, you’ll know how much they love orange !) SO we came up with an idea, Hey why don’t we make an autumn vibe kin-of-orchestra. They got all the package ! A beautiful orange-y color to match their bubbly personality with a warm touch of rockestra arrangement.

That’s what we called a beautiful Autumn Rockestra.


Wedding Dress by Ovan Putri Bridal

Make Up & Hairdo by Felicia Sasongko

Decoration by SION Decor

Image Courtesy of All Season Photogaphy

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