It was a beautiful night illuminated by a full moon. With the roar of the seas, the blow of the winds still cannot beat the angel’s voice of the mermaid. The mermaid voice was known as the most beautiful sound on earth. Not so far away, a pirates ship coming in distant. One pirate caught his eyes to one beautiful mermaid who sings upon a rock. When their eyes meet, the Goddess of love has bound their heart in love.

But it wasn’t true love until trials come. The mermaid must find away how to be a human. Desperately in love, she walks down to the darkness to find the way. It was a witch who provided her a potion. A green pretty potion..

As time goes by, their little princess turn 17 today and she is ready to amaze the world…….  A celebration was prepared, the pirates way only for Bella !

In her sweet joy and happiness, Bella caught her mother crying over a letter. Secretly she took the letter and caught a surprise. She founds out that her mother once made a pact with a witch. A green potion that made her dreams came true. What’s breaking her mothers heart is that her dreams comes with price.  By the end of her age seventeenth Bella will turn into a mermaid.

Far away in the pirates ship. Bella’s parents pray everyday for her safe return. And they decided to sent some pirates to ease her quest to find the potion..

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